Live Stream
Live Stream is coming soon!

We will be broadcasting live on every Sunday for 1st Service @ 9:00am & 2nd Service @ 11:00am (CST) with Pastor Samuel Pobi.

Please check back with us for a viewing date to “Tune In & Invite A Friend!”

God Bless,
Resurrected Church Media Ministry

The weekend has come and gone. The message is still ringing in your ear, and you’ve got a extra hop in your step and all feels right in the world. But as your week goes on, things aren’t as bright anymore. It isn’t long before you begin to wish for more of that feeling from the weekend. Well, there’s a remedy for that sort of feeling: Midweek Service.

Smack dab in the middle of the week on a Wednesday night, the Midweek Services are just what you need if that Spirit-filled feeling is missing.

So when you feel your tank is nearing empty, remember that Midweek Service is there to refuel you. It’ll give you that extra boost to go through the week filled in the Spirit. You can expect an extended worship, in-depth scripture-based teachings and prayer and healing time. See you there at 6:30 on Wednesday!